2017 Results

100 Meter Freestyle 3.0

Classification 3.0

  • Athletes who lose 85-109 points on the functionality and strength test. Bilateral leg impairments and lack of function due to paralysis.
  • Amputations in one upper extremity and amputation in the opposite side lower extremity that will impact the sport.
  • Bilateral above the knee amputations.
  • Paralysis in one upper body extremity and one lower body extremity on the same side of the body.
  • No trunk impairments.
  • Minimal to no trunk control issues evidenced by forward, sideways, and vertical plane testing.
  • Utilizes wheelchair for mobility.
  • Maximum TBI, pattern recognition, sequencing, and memory or slower reaction time which impact sport performance.


Medal Rank Name team Results
 Gold Colonel Daniel Dudek Army 1:24.60
 Silver Petty Officer Second Class Nate Hamilton Navy 1:46.16