2017 Results

100 Meter Freestyle 5.0

Classification 5.0

  • Athletes who lose 15 to 34 points on the functional and strength test.
  • Loss of one (1) hand.
  • Single below knee amputation (BKA).
  • 40% loss of strength in the hip joint evidenced by a functionality test.
  • 40% loss of flexibility in the hip joint evidenced by a functionality test that will impact the sport.
  • Moderate TBI, pattern recognition, sequencing, and memory or slower reaction time which that can impact on sport performance.


Medal Rank Name team Results
 Gold Veteran/Captain Laura Fermor United Kingdom 1:24.39
 Silver Staff Sergeant Danielle N. Pothoof Marine Corps 1:46.98
 Bronze Veteran/Captain Kelly Patterson Air Force 1:53.96
4th Place Veteran/Petty Officer Third Class Kristen Esget Navy 1:56.91
5th Place Veteran/Private Maria-Theresa Miles United Kingdom 2:19.52



Medal Rank Name team Results
 Gold Colonel Michael Malone Army 1:20.43
 Silver Lance Corporal Michael Sousa Docarmo Marine Corps 1:21.05
 Bronze Corporal Dakota Boyer Marine Corps 1:22.16
4th Place Veteran/Technical Sergeant Eric Fisher Air Force 1:27.04
5th Place Veteran/Staff Sergeant Patrick Roberts SOCOM 1:29.61
6th Place Technical Sergeant Jason Caswell Air Force 1:30.42
7th Place Petty Officer First Class Shane Gilley Navy 1:40.55
8th Place Veteran/Staff Sergeant Michael Helmen Air Force 1:46.09
9th Place Staff Sergeant Cory Stanley Air Force 1:46.09