2017 Results

100 Meters 3.0

Classification 3.0

  • Wheelchair racing athletes.
  • Athletes with injuries that prevent them from ambulatory running.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries- Paraplegia or Tetraplegia with trunk/abdominal function (T6 or below).
  • Ability to control functional movements in legs, trunk, arms, and/or hands is impaired.
  • Lower body amputations.


Medal Rank Name team Results
 Gold Veteran/Sergeant Brandi Evans Army 24.30
 Silver Staff Sergeant Rachel Salemink Army 27.58
 Bronze Veteran/Captain Kelly Patterson Air Force 30.63
4th Place Veteran/Senior Airman Jamie Biviano Air Force 33.41
5th Place Staff Sergeant Melinda Smith Air Force 35.92
6th Place Veteran/Captain Laura Fermor United Kingdom 42.92
7th Place Petty Officer First Class Andrea Dubus Navy 47.89



Medal Rank Name team Results
 Gold Veteran/Sergeant First Class Howard Sanborn SOCOM 21.33
 Silver Second Lieutenant Ryan Novack Air Force 21.45
 Bronze Veteran/Sergeant Jhoonar Barrera Army 21.88
4th Place Corporal Dakota Q. Boyer Marine Corps 21.88
5th Place Veteran/Specialist Jarred Vaina Army 22.62
6th Place Colonel Daniel Dudek Army 22.84
7th Place Veteran/Technical Sergeant Joshua Smith Air Force 23.18
8th Place Petty Officer First Class Shane Gilley Navy 34.88
9th Place Petty Officer Second Class Nate Hamilton Navy 37.66
10th Place Petty Officer First Class Robert Troha Navy 54.63
11th Place Veteran/Kingsman Anthony Cooper United Kingdom 58.25
12th Place Lieutenant Colonel Spencer Bull United Kingdom 58.35