2017 Results

10m Air Pistol SH1

Classification SH1

  • Spinal Cord Injury with the loss of motor or sensory function in lower extremities.
  • Single or bilateral amputations in lower extremities.
  • Combination of at least 40% loss of strength or flexibility in the ankle, knee, or hip joints.
  • Spasticity Grade 2-3 Ashworth Scale lower extremities / Poor lower extremities coordination.


Medal Rank Name team Results
 Gold Corporal Zachary Vinson Marine Corps 208.7
 Silver Gunnery Sergeant Douglas A. Godfrey, Jr. Marine Corps 207.4
 Bronze Staff Sergeant Marcus E. Menchaca Army 185.8
4th Place Sergeant first Class Robert Roberts III Army 168.7
5th Place Warrant Officer Class 2 Roland Walker Australia 147.8
6th Place Staff Sergeant Danielle N. Pothoof Marine Corps 130.9
7th Place Staff Sergeant James A. Dunaway Marine Corps 114.7
8th Place Staff Sergeant Gregory Quarles Army 81.4