2017 Results

10m Air Rifle Prone SH2

Classification SH2

  • Upper body impairments causing the shooter to be unable to support the weight of the air rifles with their arms, and therefore requiring a spring stand.
  • Single or bilateral amputations in upper extremities.
  • Spinal cord injury with partial or total loss of use of upper extremities and torso
  • Combination of at least 40% loss of strength or flexibility in the wrist, elbow, or shoulder.

Spasticity Grade 3-4 Ashworth Scale upper extremity.


Medal Rank Name Team Results
 Gold Veteran/Petty Officer Second Class Joseph Engfer Navy 250.7
 Silver Master Sergeant Israel Del Toro, Jr. SOCOM 244.7
 Bronze Lieutenant Ramesh Haytasingh SOCOM 224.0
4th Place Petty Officer Second Class Nate Hamilton Navy 197.9
5th Place Airman Jonathan Lemoine Air Force 176.5
6th Place Lieutenant Colonel Spencer Bull United Kingdom 155.0
7th Place Heather Moran Army 112.1