2017 Results

50 Meter Freestyle 4.5

Classification 4.5

  • Athletes who lose 35 to 59 points on the functional and strength test.
  • Single above knee amputation (AKA).
  • Double below knee amputations (BKA).
  • Single below elbow amputation (BEA).
  • Combination of severe (60% combined score) loss of strength and flexibility in at least two (2) joints: the hip, knee, or ankle joint in one (1) lower extremity as evidenced through a functionality test.


Medal Rank Name team Results
 Gold Veteran/Senior Airman Heather Carter Air Force 1:08.07



Medal Rank Name team Results
 Gold Second Lieutenant Ryan Novack Air Force 35.05
 Silver Master Sergeant Francis Reilly SOCOM 35.16
 Bronze Gunnery Sergeant John Ayo Marine Corps 37.46
4th Place Sergeant First Class Brant Ireland SOCOM 40.66
5th Place Veteran/Technical Sergeant Adam Popp Air Force 43.51