2017 Results

50 Meter Freestyle 5.0

Classification 5.0

  • Athletes who lose 15 to 34 points on the functional and strength test.
  • Loss of one (1) hand.
  • Single below knee amputation (BKA).
  • 40% loss of strength in the hip joint evidenced by a functionality test.
  • 40% loss of flexibility in the hip joint evidenced by a functionality test that will impact the sport.
  • Moderate TBI, pattern recognition, sequencing, and memory or slower reaction time which that can impact on sport performance.


Medal Rank Name team Results
 Gold Veteran/Captain Laura Fermor United Kingdom 35.22
 Silver Veteran/Petty Officer Third Class Kristen Esget Navy 47.18
 Bronze Veteran/Captain Kelly Patterson Air Force 47.44
4th Place Staff Sergeant Danielle Pothoof Marine Corps 48.15
5th Place Veteran/Private Maria-Theresa Miles United Kingdom 56.49



Medal Rank Name team Results
 Gold Lance Corporal Michael Sousa Docarmo Marine Corps 32.51
 Silver Veteran/Technical Sergeant Eric Fisher Air Force 34.67
 Bronze Colonel Michael Malone Army 34.89
4th Place Veteran/Staff Sergeant Patrick Roberts SOCOM 35.14
5th Place Petty Officer First Class Shane Gilley Navy 36.12
6th Place Technical Sergeant Jason Caswell Air Force 36.26
7th Place Corporal Dakota Boyer Marine Corps 36.59
8th Place Staff Sergeant Cory Stanley Air Force 41.21
9th Place Veteran/Captain Austin Williamson Air Force 44.47
10th Place Veteran/Staff Sergeant Michael Helmen Army 46.22
11th Place Veteran/Staff Sergeant Mark Shrewsbury SOCOM 53.47