2017 Results

50 Meter Freestyle 6.0

Classification 6.0

  • PTSD/TBI with minimal or no physical impairments.
  • Mild, moderate and severe TBI, pattern recognition, sequencing, and memory or slower reaction time which that can impact on sport performance.


Medal Rank Name team Results
 Gold Master Sergeant Linn Knight Air Force 34.26
 Silver Veteran/Staff Sergeant Randi Hobson Army 34.54
 Bronze Veteran/Staff Sergeant Megan Grudzinski Army 40.46
4th Place Able Seaman Christine Merrilees Australia 45.59
5th Place Veteran/Musician Laura Knowles United Kingdom 53.47
6th Place Gunnery Sergeant Leticia Vega SOCOM 55.33
7th Place Lieutenant Anna Kerry Navy 1:01.43



Medal Rank Name team Results
 Gold Gunnery Sergeant Alexis Padilla Marine Corps 29.66
 Silver Petty Officer First Class Nolan Ellis SOCOM 30.40
 Bronze Master Chief Petty Officer Richard Curtis Navy 31.16
4th Place Chief Petty Officer Robin Elkington Australia 31.19
5th Place Able Seaman Patrick Condon Australia 31.24
6th Place Petty Officer Third Class Mark Eldridge Navy 31.25
7th Place Sergeant Major Brian Fogerty Marine Coprs 31.81
8th Place Sergeant Andrew Bell Army 32.34
9th Place Corporal Jaco Van Biljon United Kingdom 33.28
10th Place Lieutenant Joshua Connell Navy 33.39
11th Place Staff Sergeant Nelson Andrade Marine Corps 34.06
12th Place Staff Sergeant Matthew Francis Marine Corps 34.19
13th Place Vetearn/Sergeant John Marable United Kingdom 34.85
14th Place Veteram/Corporal Daniel Grobler United Kingdom 35.04
15th Place Technical Sergeant Fabian Ramirez SOCOM 35.51
16th Place Technical Sergeant Curtis Krenske SOCOM 36.09
17th Place Veteran/Master Sergeant Adam Faine Air Force 36.93
18th Place Veteran/Sergeant First Class Joshua Lindstrom SOCOM 37.29
19th Place Specialist Jay Marquiss Army 38.52
20th Place Master Sergeant Fernando Andrade Jr. Marine Corps 39.96
21th Place Petty Officer Second Class John Pulido Navy 41.54
22th Place Chief Warrant Officer-3 Christopher Deike Navy 44.79