2017 Results

Discus Throw – Seated 5.0

Classification 5.0

  • Single arm amputation.
  • Single upper extremity impairments to include the following:
    • Combination of 40% loss of strength and flexibility in an upper body joint- wrist or shoulder.
    • 40 % Loss of mobility in a limb or joint and 40 % Loss of flexibility in a limb or joint.
  • Moderate ataxic movement in upper extremity grade 3.


Medal Rank Name team Results
 Gold Veteran/Senior Airman Heather F. Carter Air Force 12.56m



Medal Rank Name team Results
 Gold Veteran/Specialist Jarred Vania Army 25.31m
 Silver Staff Sergeant Gregory Quarles Army 24.22m
 Bronze Veteran/Lance Corporal Matthew Grashen Marine Corps 23.28m