2017 Results

Discus Throw – Standing 4.5

Classification 4.5

  • Below knee amputations.
  • Combination of 40% loss of strength and flexibility/mobility in a joint- ankle, knee, or hip as determined by a functional testing.
  • Requiring use of orthotic such as AFO, knee brace, etc.


Medal Rank Name team Results
 Gold Veteran/Able Seaman Sarah McJury United Kingdom 18.68m



Medal Rank Name team Results
 Gold Lance Corporal Michael Sousa Docarmo Marine Corps 36.90m
 Silver Technical Sergeant Benjamin G. Seekell Air Force 29.40m
 Bronze Technical Sergeant Jason Caswell Air Force 29.35m
4th Place Master Sergeant Alex Eudy SOCOM 25.40m
5th Place Veteran/Staff Sergeant Jason Wakefield SOCOM 24.68m
6th Place Command Sergeant Major Oscar Mullinax Jr. Army 23.97m
7th Place Sergeant First Class Richard Hastings Army 21.47m
8th Place Petty Officer Second Class Alan “AJ” Thomas Navy 20.77m