2017 Results

Shot Put – Seated 3.0

Classification 3.0

  • Complete loss of all mobility and function in both lower extremities.
  • Moderately impaired mobility and function in one upper extremity.
  • Decreased trunk movements and controlled movements in all planes.
  • May ambulate with assistance or assistive device for short distances.
  • Requires wheelchair for long distance mobility but can self-propel.
  • Amputations in three limbs.
  • Spasticity 2-1 upper Ashworth Scale, dynamic sitting balance.


Medal Rank Name team Results
 Gold Veteran/Captain Laura Fermor United Kingdom 5.54m



Medal Rank Name team Results
 Gold Lieutenat Colonel Spencer Bull United Kingdom 8.77m
 Silver Petty Officer Second Class Nate Hamilton Navy 8.58m
 Bronze Veteran/Sergeant Jhoonar Barrera Army 5.77m
4th Place Petty Officer First Class Robert Troha Navy 4.22m