2017 Results

Shot Put – Seated 6.0

Classification 6.0

  • Below the knee amputation/s
  • Combination of 40% loss of strength and flexibility/mobility in at least one joint (ankle, knee and hip) as determined by a functionality test.
  • Complete control of trunk movements.
  • Normal function in both upper extremities to include hands.


Medal Rank Name team Results
 Gold Staff Sergeant Altermese L. Kendrick Army 6.60m
 Gold Veteran/Sergeant Brandi Evans Army 6.60m
 Bronze Specialist Stephanie Morris Army 6.34m
4th Place Veteran/Captain Kelly Patterson Air Force 5.65m
5th Place Staff Sergeant Bonnie Gheen Air Force 5.44m
6th Place Veteran/Senior Airman Jamie Biviano Air Force 5.07m
7th Place Veteran/Petty Officer Third Class Kristen Esget Navy 4.09m
8th Place Petty Officer First Class Andrea Dubus Navy 3.98m



Medal Rank Name team Results
 Gold Sergeant David Crook Army 10.80m
 Silver David Tuli Army 10.17m
 Bronze Petty Officer First Class Pou Pou Navy 8.97m
4th Place Sergeant Christopher McGinnis Army 8.83m
5th Place Veteran/Staff Sergeant Edward Love Air Force 8.81m
6th Place Veteran/Staff Sergeant Ryan Murphy SOCOM 8.21m
7th Place Veteran/Staff Sergeant Armando Gonzalez Army 8.00m
8th Place Veteran/Airman Steven Davis Navy 7.88m
9th Place Corporal Daniel Bingley United Kingdom 7.79m
10th Place Veteran/Technical Sergeant Joshua Smith AIr Force 7.46m
11th Place Veteran/Corporal Terrance Morgan United Kingdom 6.95m
12th Place Staff Sergeant Dave Olson Air Force 6.81m
13th Place Petty Officer Second Class Emmanuel Gonzalez Navy 6.45m
14th Place Petty Officer First Class Juan Pinalez Navy 6.41m
15th Place Veteran/Corporal James Hamilton United Kingdom 6.31m
16th Place Petty Officer First Class Shane Gilley Navy 6.29m
17th Place Sergeant First Class Lucio F. Gaytan SOCOM 6.17m
18th Place Lance Corporal Austin T. Stephenson Marine Corps 6.10m
19th Place Veteran/Lance Corporal Josaia Ratuvou United Kingdom 6.00m
20th Place Veteran/Technical Sergeant Eric W. Fisher Air Force 5.69