2018 Results

1 Min Sprint Race 6.0

Classification 6.0

  • Athletes have functional use of their legs trunk and arms.
  • They are able to use the standard sliding seat of the indoor rower and are not required to wear any supportive straps.
  • These athletes do not have minimal physical disability 10-50% loss in Legs or Arms.


Medal Rank Name Team Distance Rowed
 Gold O-4/Maj SHAFRAN, Stacie Air Force 302m
 Silver Leading Seaman BROUGHILL, Vanessa Australia 296m
Silver MCpl KENDELL, Charlene Canada 296m
Bronze Ms MYSKO, Emilea Australia 290m
4th Place E-7/SFC MORAN, Heather Army 289m
5th Place E-4/PO3 JOHNSON, Abbie Navy 271m
6th Place E-5/SSgt LYKON, Janelle Air Force 269m
7th Place E-3/LCpl LAVINE, Kira Marines 267m
8th Place E-4/PO3 GUZOWSKI, Susan Navy 266m
9th Place E-4/SPC EUSON, Angela Army 264m
10th Place AET FAIRBAIRN, Angela UK 262m
11th Place Sgt LEWIS-FLANNIGAN, Grace UK 255m
12th Place Cpl MCMULLIN, Sonia Canada 226m
13th Place E-6/TSgt PRINDLE, Michelle Air Force 221m


Medal Rank Name Team Distance Rowed
 Gold O-3/Capt HUFFORD, Lawrence Air Force 375m
 Silver E-8/MSG ROBERTS, Joseph SOCOM 351m
Silver E-5/SGT MCGINNIS, Christopher Army 351m
Bronze O-3/Capt BARNHILL, Hunter Air Force 347m
4th Place E-8/SCPO PATERNITI, Joseph Navy 346m
5th Place E-6/TSgt HILDEBRAND, Zachary SOCOM 343m
6th Place O-3/CPT BORTLE, Steve Army 342m
7th Place E-8/MSG BRODT, Benjamin SOCOM 341m
8th Place E-6/SSgt DUNAWAY, James Marine Corps 338m
8th Place E-6/SSgt SERRA, Christopher Marine Corps 338m
9th Place E-7/CPO FONG, Phillip SOCOM 336m
10th Place E-5/SSgt CAVAZOS, Vincent Air Force 333m
11th Place O-4/MAJ LINTELMANN, Eric Army 328m
12th Place E-6/SSgt PANEZ, Jose Marine Corps 327m
13th Place MCpl MORAND, Chris Canada 325m
13th Place Bdr MELO, Jason Canada 325m
14th Place E-5/PO2 GONZALEZ, Emmanuel Navy 324m
14th Place E-8/MSG ROESSLER, Scotty SOCOM 324m
15th Place E-6/HM1 BROWN, Dan SOCOM 323m
16th Place Leading Hand WHITE, Nigel UK 322m
16th Place E-7/MSgt ANGEL, John Air Force 322m
17th Place O-4/MAJ HARVEY, Lee SOCOM 314m
18th Place E-3/LCpl MADDUX, Matthew Marine Corps 313m
19th Place O-3/LT FERGUSON, Patrick SOCOM 312m
19th Place MCpl CRESSWELL, Gordon Canada 312m
20th Place Cpl JOHNSTON, Steve UK 311m
21st Place Sgt BYNE, Karam Canada 310m
22nd Place E-7/GySgt PLOWMAN, Alexander Marine Corps 309m
23rd Place E-7/CPO VAUGHN, Timothy Navy 308m
24th Place E-6/PO1 KLEIHAUER, Marc Marine Corps 302m
25th Place O-3/LT HOYLE, Andrew Navy 301m
26th Place E-9/SGM TOTH, Michael SOCOM 300m
27th Place Private ASPINALL, Matthew UK 292m
28th Place E-9/MGySgt MARTIN, Carnell Marine Corps 289m
29th Place E-5/SGT ALTAMIRANO, Ernesto Army 288m
30th Place LCpl PARKER, David UK 284m
30th Place E-7/CPO ERICKSON, Joshua Navy 284m
31st Place LCpl BOND, Michael UK 280m
32nd Place E-4/SPC CAICEDO, Vairon SOCOM 271m
33rd Place Lance Bombadier HUNTER, Thomas UK 268m