2018 Results

100 Meter Freestyle 1.0

Classification 1.0

  • Athletes who lose 185 or greater points on the functionality and strength test.
  • Severe loss in trunk control evidenced by lack of control in forward, sideways, and vertical planes evidenced by functionality test.
  • (a) Little to no controlled trunk movements in forward plane.
  • (b) No active trunk rotation.
  • (c) Balance in both forward and sideways direction is significantly impaired.
  • (d) Rely on arms to return to upright position.
  • (e) Tetraplegia comparable to complete lesion at C7 or incomplete Tetraplegia below C6.
  • (f) Utilizes wheelchair for mobility


Medal Rank Name Team Results
 Gold O-3/CPT HOWARD, James SOCOM 13:48.06