2018 Results

100 Meter Freestyle 6.0

Classification 6.0

  • PTSD/TBI with minimal or no physical impairments.
  • Mild, moderate and severe TBI, pattern recognition, sequencing, and memory or slower reaction time which that can impact on sport performance.


Medal Rank Name Team Results
 Gold E-3/LCpl LAVINE, Kira (Warrior Games Record) Marine Corps 1:13.74
 Silver E-4/SPC EUSON, Angela Army 1:21.74
 Bronze E-7/MSgt DILLARD, Linn Air Force 1:25.08
4th Place O-6/Col MARTY, Jacquelyn Air Force 1:25.83
5th Place Leading Seaman BROUGHILL, Vanessa Australia 1:44.58
6th Place E-4/PO3 JOHNSON, Abbie Navy 1:47.23
7th Place E-5/PO2 BUSCH, Cassidy Navy 2:09.40
8th Place E-7/CPO DYE, Julie Navy 2:14.38
9th Place Sgt NEWMAN, Elizabeth Canada 2:19.23


Medal Rank Name Team Results
 Gold E-7/GySgt PADILLA, Alexis Marine Corps 1:08.56
 Silver Flight Sergeant MORGAN, Ben Australia 1:09.66
 Bronze E-4/PO3 ELDRIDGE, Mark Navy 1:10.24
4th Place O-4/MAJ LINTELMANN, Eric Army 1:10.79
5th Place E-5/Sgt JOHANSEN, Eric Marine Corps 1:17.84
6th Place E-6/SSgt DOMINGUEZ, Robert Marine Corps 1:17.86
7th Place E-7/GySgt PLOWMAN, Alexander Marine Corps 1:18.66
8th Place E-3/SN NORTH, Christopher Navy 1:19.00
9th Place CPL JOHNSTON, Steve UK 1:23.21
10th Place E-8/SMSgt DEWENT, Daniel SOCOM 1:26.79
11th Place O-3/LT HOYLE, Andrew Navy 1:28.02
12th Place E-6/TSgt RIVERA, Ricardo Air Force 1:40.82
DQ E-7/MSgt BUSTARD, Alexander Air Force DQ