2018 Results

4 Min Endurance Race 5.5 Lower

Classification 5.5 - LE

  • Athletes have functional use of their legs trunk and arms.
  • They are able to use the standard sliding seat of the indoor rower and would not be required to wear any supportive straps.
  • These athletes have forms of physical disability that are not listed above including, but not limited to below the knee amputation, > 60percent or greater loss in knee or ankle, or neuromuscular-related ailments.
  • May use prosthetic limb.


Medal Rank Name Team Distance Rowed
 Gold E-4/SPC JOHNSON, Stephanie Army 942m
 Silver E-4/SrA BEHREND, Karah Air Force 896m


Medal Rank Name Team Distance Rowed
 Gold E-6/TSgt SMITH, Joshua Air Force 1160m
 Silver E-6/PO1 SCHMIDT, Tyson Navy 1113m
 Bronze E-7/SFC OLSEN, Matthew Army 1074m
4th Place E-8/1SG COLLINS, Jarrid SOCOM 1052m
5th Place O-3/CPT BOMKE, Tim Army 1034m
6th Place Cpl WILLIAMS, Darren UK 966m
7th Place Cpl BATES, Michael UK 870m