2018 Results

4 X 100 Relay Mixed

Other: 4 x 100m Relay:

  • Four athletes from each team.
  • Athletes can be selected by each team at their discretion.
  • Each team’s relay team must consist of the following:
  • Maximum of two athletes from 6.0 or 5.5 (Upper or Lower) category.

Remaining two athletes must be selected from two different categories.


Medal Rank Name Team Results
 Gold E-7/MSgt GUINN, Kenneth Air Force 49.21 sec
 Gold E-3/A1C BERRY, John Air Force
 Gold E-6/TSgt RIVERA, Ricardo Air Force
 Gold E-4/SrA MORFINENCISCO, Rafael Air Force
 Silver O-3/Capt IT, Phal Marine Corps 49.91 sec
 Silver E-6/PO1 KLEIHAUER, Marc Marine Corps
 Silver E-7/GySgt ARCHER, Raymond Marine Corps
 Silver E-4/Cpl SANTIAGO-LLOYD, Romario Marine Corps
 Bronze Pilot Officer PARKER, Nathan Australia 56.00 sec
 Bronze Flight Sergeant MORGAN, Ben Australia
 Bronze Leading Seaman BROUGHILL, Vanessa Australia
 Bronze Private WHITTINGTON, Nathan Australia
DQ E-3/SN NORTH, Christopher Navy N/A
E-4/PO3 HEDINGTON, Damion Navy
E-7/CPO VAUGHN, Timothy Navy
O-3/LT LEE, Daniel Navy