2018 Results

Discus Throw – Seated 6.0

Classification 6.0

  • Below knee amputation/s.
  • Combination of 40 % or greater loss of strength and flexibility/mobility in at least one joint (ankle, knee and hip) as determined by a functionality test.
  • Complete control of trunk movements.
  • (Normal function in both upper extremities to include hands.


Medal Rank Name Team Results
 Gold E-3/PFC JAHN, Lauren Army 14.96m (49'1")
 Silver E-7/SFC CHA, Hyoshin Army 12.71m (41'8")
 Bronze E-6/SSG CALDERA, Karla Army 11.71m (38'5")



Medal Rank Name Team Results
 Gold E-5/SGT CROOK, David Army 35.86m (117'8")
 Silver E-6/PO1 SCHMIDT, Tyson Navy 31.62m (103'9")
 Bronze E-7/SFC RODRIGUEZ, Julio Army 30.04m (98'7")
4th Place E-5/SGT IVINS, Cory Army 29.24m (95'11")
5th Place E-3/SN HOLLINGSWORTH, Dakota Navy 29.20m (95'10")
6th Place E-7/MSgt CHRISTIANSEN, Michael Air Force 27.96m (91'9")
7th Place E-5/Sgt MONROE, Mark Marine Corps 27.50m (90'3")
8th Place E-5/SGT MCGINNIS, Christopher Army 25.20m (82'8")
9th Place E-6/SSgt REINGOUD, Anthony Marine Corps 23.74m (77'11")
10th Place E-8/SCPO LONGWORTH, Bill Navy 21.22m (69'7")
11th Place O-3/CPT RODGERS, Charles Army 19.39m (63'7")
12th Place Bombardier WILSON, David UK 18.68m (61'3")
13th Place E-7/MSgt RODRIGUEZ, Andres Air Force 17.37m (57'0")
14th Place E-7/SFC GAYTAN, Lucio SOCOM 15.61m (51'2")
15th Place E-5/PO2 GONZALEZ, Emmanuel Navy 14.71m (48'3")