2018 Results

Men 72.01 to 88kg

Classification: Open

  •  Requires 20-100 degrees AROM in elbow noted on athlete’s lifter card.
  •  Approve Active Hands, General Purpose Gripping Aid (Active Hands only - No other hand devices allowed).
  •  Active Hands - Requires classifiers verification, equipment check validation, and notation on athlete’s lifter card.


Medal Rank Name Team Results
 Gold E-4/SrA MORFINENCISO, Rafael Air Force 140 kg
 Silver E-8/MGySgt MARTIN, Carnell Marine Corps 134 kg
 Bronze E-5/Sgt OUDONE, Robert Marine Corps 132 kg
4th Place E-5/SSgt CAVAZOS, Vincent Air Force 125 kg
5th Place E-8/MSG BRODT, Ben SOCOM 125 kg
6th Place E-7/GySgt PLOWMAN, Alexander Marine Corps 112 kg
7th Place E-6/TSgt SMITH, Joshua Air Force 110 kg
8th Place OCDT MELO, Jason Canada 110 kg
9th Place E-8/MSG ROESSLER, Scotty SOCOM 100 kg
10th Place E-6/SSgt SERRA, Christopher Marine Corps 97 kg
11th Place MCpl MORAND, Chris Canada 90 kg
12th Place E-5/SGT ALTERMIRANO, Ernesto Army 80 kg