2018 Results

Men 88.01 to 107kg

Classification: Open

  •  Requires 20-100 degrees AROM in elbow noted on athlete’s lifter card.
  •  Approve Active Hands, General Purpose Gripping Aid (Active Hands only - No other hand devices allowed).
  •  Active Hands - Requires classifiers verification, equipment check validation, and notation on athlete’s lifter card.
Medal Rank Name Team Results
 Gold E-7/CPO ESPINAL, Ferlin Navy 160 kg
 Silver O-4/MAJ HARVEY, Lee SOCOM 154 kg
 Bronze E-6/TSgt PEACH, Derrall Air Force 145 kg
4th Place E-5/SGT IVINS, Corey Army 140 kg
5th Place E-5/PO2 INGRAM, Mario Navy 137 kg
6th Place E-7/SFC RODRIGUEZ, Julio Army 134 kg
7th Place O-3/CPT ALEWINE, Ross Army 128 kg
8th Place E-6/SSgt DOMINGUEZ, Robert Marine Corps 126 kg
9th Place E-8/MSG ROBERTS, Joseph SOCOM 122 kg
10th Place E-8/SCPO PATERNITI, Joseph Navy 120 kg
11th Place E-6/TSgt HILDENBRAND, Zachary SOCOM 120 kg
12th Place E-4/PO3 HILL, Douglas Navy 110 kg
13th Place E-5/PO2 ALARCON, Christopher Navy 110 kg
14th Place Mr SHAND, David Australia 110 kg
15th Place LCPL MORLEY, Chris UK 99 kg
16th Place E-3/LCpl MADDUX, Matthew Marine Corps 96 kg
17th Place E-5/SGT DANIELS, Samuel Army 95 kg
18th Place O-3/LT FERGUSON, Patrick SOCOM 80 kg
19th Place SGT DEWAR, David UK 0 kg