2018 Results

Recumbent Cycle Open

Classification Open

  • Open recumbent cycling classification includes orthopedic disabilities and/or balance problems that prohibit athletes from riding a two-wheel upright bike or hand cycle and allows the use of the recumbent cycle. Requires medical documentation.


Medal Rank Name Team Results
 Gold O-5/Lt Col LYONS, Audra Air Force 17:18
 Silver E-6/SSG CALDERA, Karla Army 18:22
 Bronze O-3/LT KERRY, Anna Navy 19:13



Medal Rank Name Team Results
 Gold E-6/TSgt SMITH, Joshua Air Force 21:56
 Silver E-6/SSgt COOK, Benjamin Marine Corps 22:47
 Bronze Flight Sergeant ROSE, David UK 22:56
4th Place E-9/CMC CURTIS, Richard Navy 23:05
5th Place E-6/SSgt PANEZ, Jose Marine Corps 23:36
6th Place E-7/MSgt CHRISTIANSEN, Michael Air Force 24:20
7th Place E-7/MSgt ACEVEDO, Miguel Air Force 26:24
8th Place E-7/SFC GAYTAN, Lucio SOCOM 29:06
9th Place O-4/MAJ LINTELMANN, Eric Army 33:19