2018 Results

Recumbent Cycle T2

Classification T2

  • Minimum 40% loss of loco motor function
  • Moderate loss of balance (40% loss on functionality test)



Medal Rank Name Team Results
 Gold E-4/PO3 GUZOWSKI, Susan Navy 17:40
 Silver E-4/SrA STOLBERG, Hannah Air Force 21:12


Medal Rank Name Team Results
 Gold O-3/LT LEE, Daniel Navy 21:19
 Silver O-2/1st Lt NOVACK, Ryan Air Force 24:39
 Bronze O-4/LCDR FRY, Robert Navy 25:12
4th Place O-4/MAJ ZIEGLER, Adam SOCOM 27:16
5th Place Surg Lt Cdr LONGMORE, David UK 28:15
6th Place E-3/LCpl GAFFEY, Brent Marine Corps 40:37