2018 Results

Team Compound Open – Three Person Team

Classification Open

  • Applicable to all athletes with the exception for the Visually Impaired.
Medal Rank Name Team Results
 Gold E-5/SSgt YOUNG, Brent Air Force 169-Won Tie breaker
E-5/SSgt MEYER, John Air Force
E-6/TSgt LOGAN, Russell Air Force
 Silver E-5/Sgt MORAVARGAS, Juan Marine Corps 169
E-7/GySgt DANE, Charles Marine Corps
E-7/GySgt GODFREY JR., Douglas Marine Corps
 Bronze E-5/SGT AVERRE, Aaron Army 164
E-5/SGT CROOK, David Army
O-3/CPT WILSON, Alex Army
4th Place E-7/CPO ERICKSON, Joshua Navy 162
E-8/SCPO MILLS, David Navy
E-6/PO1 DUSSEAU, John Navy
5th Place E-6/SSG BURCH, Christopher SOCOM 150
E-7/GySgt HUDGINS, Tiffany SOCOM