2018 Results

Upright Cycle C4

Classification C4

  • Below knee amputations (amputation must be through the ankle)
  • Above or below knee dysfunction
  • Impaired muscle power: 40% Loss of strength, mobility, or flexibility in two joints (hip, knee, or ankle joint)
  • Severe nerve damage to lower limb
  • Athletes with a combination of both upper body and lower body impairments, to include hand and foot amputation, and/or measurable dysfunction



Medal Rank Name Team Results
 Gold O-3/Capt MORRIS, Kristen Air Force 33:46
 Silver E-6/SSgt POTHOOF, Danielle Marine Corps 43:58



Medal Rank Name Team Results
 Gold E-7/MSgt REILLY, Frank SOCOM 41:53
 Silver E-8/1SG COLLINS, Jarrid SOCOM 44:24
 Bronze E-7/SFC OLSEN, Matthew Army 44:49
4th Place Cpl WILLIAMS, Darren UK 44:51
5th Place WO CHAPMAN, Simon UK @Lap1
6th Place E-6/TSgt LOGAN, Russell Air Force @Lap1