2018 Results

Women 67.01 to 86kg

Classification: Open

  •  Requires 20-100 degrees AROM in elbow noted on athlete’s lifter card.
  •  Approve Active Hands, General Purpose Gripping Aid (Active Hands only - No other hand devices allowed).
  •  Active Hands - Requires classifiers verification, equipment check validation, and notation on athlete’s lifter card.
Medal Rank Name Team Results
 Gold Ms BRADLEY, Nicole Australia 75 kg
 Silver E-6/SSG KENDRICK, Altermese Army 70 kg
 Bronze O-4/Maj SHAFRAN, Stacie Air Force 60 kg
4th Place Cpl MCMULLIN, Shonia Canada 49 kg
5th Place E-9/MCPO HOCKENBERRY, Raina Navy 45 kg
6th Place AET FAIRBAIRN, Angie UK 37 kg