2019 Results

10m Air Rifle Prone SH1

Classification SH1

  • Spinal Cord Injury- Paraplegia (The loss of motor or sensory function in lower extremities).
  • Single or bilateral amputations in lower extremities.
  • Combination of loss of strength and flexibility in the ankle, knee, or hip joints.
  • Minimum of 40% loss of mobility in the ankle, knee, or hip joints.
  • Minimum of 40% loss of flexibility in the ankle, knee, or hip joints.
  • May use a wheelchair due to balance or standing/walking ability.
  • Shooters in this classification that also have an upper body impairment that impacts their ability to load their own equipment and may ask the competition director to allow for their assistant to load the air rifle during competition.
  • Spasticity Grade 2-3 Ashworth Scale lower extremities / Poor lower extremities coordination.


Medal Name Team Results
 Gold Ian Stairwalt Marine Corps 248.2
 Silver Austin Cooper Navy 243.4
 Bronze Jay Martin Army 214
4th Place Durrell Jones Marine Corps 202.9
5th Place Kenneth Arnold Army 181.9
6th Place Paul Reifke Army 161.3
7th Place Jude Dziadowicz Navy 139
8th Place Melinda Smith Air Force 115.3



Medal Name Team Total
1st Place Q Ian Stairwalt Marine Corps 411.6
2nd Place Q Durrell Jones Marine Corps 409.3
3rd Place Q Kenneth Arnold Army 408.9
4th Place Q Jay Martin Army 408.3
5th Place Q Paul Reifke Army 406.8
6th Place Q MELINDA SMITH Air Force 404.5
7th Place Q Austin Cooper Navy 403.6
8th Place Q Jude Dziadowicz Navy 401.2
9th Place Rhonda Keister SOCOM 400.9
10th Place WILLIAM ROYSTER Air Force 398.9
11th Place Casey Turner Army 397.9
12th Place SETH PENA Air Force 397.8
13th Place Glenn Richard Cory Moore Canada 396.4
14th Place Elizabeth Smith Navy 392.8
15th Place Ross Alewine Army 391.5
16th Place Richie O'Connell United Kingdom 386.7
17th Place Jai Cheon Navy 383.1
18th Place Alan Izzard United Kingdom 382.5
19th Place Robert Webb Australia 377.9
20th Place Lynsey Kelly United Kingdom 377.7
21st Place jim Lowther Canada 354.8
22nd Place Natalie Champagne Canada 352.8
23rd Place Esther Stevenson Navy 256.4