2019 Results

10m Air Rifle Standing Open

Classification Open

  1. PTSD/TBI with minimal or no physical impairments.
  2. Minimal static balance issues.
  3. Orthopedic injuries resulting in minimal physical impairments.
  4. Tremors that do not result in loss of strength.
  5. Minimum Spasticity Grade Ashworth Scale 1/ Fair fine motor movements.


Medal Name Team Results
 Gold Roann Leatz Air Force 213
 Silver James Stewart Marine Corps 210.7
 Bronze Jose Panez Marine Corps 178.9
4th Place Blanca Baquero Cruz Air Force 154.3
5th Place Heather Wright Air Force 140.6
6th Place Jacob Anthomy SOCOM 114.6
7th Place Jimmy Covas SOCOM 98.8
8th Place John O'Neil Canada 81.2



Medal Name Team Total
1st Place Q James Stewart Marine Corps 355.3
2nd Place Q ROANN LEATZ Air Force 330.8
3rd Place Q Jose Panez Marine Corps 318.5
4th Place Q HEATHER WRIGHT Air Force 313.8
5th Place Q John O'Neill Canada 312.4
6th Place Q BLANCA BAQUERO CRUZ Air Force 311.6
7th Place Q Jacob Anthony SOCOM 309.8
8th Place Q Jimmy Covas SOCOM 305.8
9th Place Patrick O'Brien Marine Corps 292.7
10th Place Henry Taylor SOCOM 281.8
11th Place Jacco Dudink Netherlands 267.7
12th Place Dakota Hollingsworth Navy 264.3
13th Place Todd Prather Navy 256.5
14th Place BRYON BRIGHTMAN Air Force 238.4
15th Place Michel  Janssen Netherlands 157.4