2019 Results

10m Air Rifle Standing SH1

Classification SH1

  • Spinal Cord Injury- Paraplegia (The loss of motor or sensory function in lower extremities).
  • Single or bilateral amputations in lower extremities.
  • Combination of loss of strength and flexibility in the ankle, knee, or hip joints.
  • Minimum of 40% loss of mobility in the ankle, knee, or hip joints.
  • Minimum of 40% loss of flexibility in the ankle, knee, or hip joints.
  • May use a wheelchair due to balance or standing/walking ability.
  • Shooters in this classification that also have an upper body impairment that impacts their ability to load their own equipment and may ask the competition director to allow for their assistant to load the air rifle during competition.
  • Spasticity Grade 2-3 Ashworth Scale lower extremities / Poor lower extremities coordination.


Medal Name Team Results
 Gold Kristina Moreau Canada 181.9
 Silver Stehen Toboz SOCOM 180.9
 Bronze Adam Ziegler SOCOM 157.7
4th Place Kyle Ricketts Canada 141.7
5th Place William Royster Air Force 126.5
6th Place Jason Pacheco Marine Corps 106.8
7th Place Austin Cooper Navy 75.8
8th Place Stephane Jobin Canada 55.9



Medal Name Team Total
1st Place Q WILLIAM ROYSTER Air Force 320.3
2nd Place Q Stephen Toboz SOCOM 310.1
3rd Place Q Jason Pacheco Marine Corps 309
4th Place Q Kristina Moreau Canada 306.7
5th Place Q Kyle Ricketts Canada 301.6
6th Place Q Stephane Jobin Canada 204.1
7th Place Q Adam Ziegler SOCOM 176.7
8th Place Q Austin Cooper Navy 139.9