2019 Results

4 Min Endurance Race 5.0 Upper

Classification - UE

  • Athletes have functional use of their legs trunk and arms.
  • They are able to use the standard sliding seat of the indoor rower and would not be required to wear any supportive straps.
  • These athletes have one or more forms of physical disability that are not listed above including, but not limited to wrist, below the elbow, 60 percent or greater loss hand, wrist or neuromuscular-related ailments.


Medal Name Team Results
 Gold Knickerbocker, Tisha Marine Corps 979
 Silver Smith, Georgina UK 922


Medal Name Team Results
 Gold BERRY, John Air Force 1170 *Warrior Game Record
 Silver Parker, Nathan Australia 1148
 Bronze Gonzalez-Clinton, Angel Army 1091
4th Place Prather, Todd Navy 1030
5th Place Cochran, Daniel Australia 957