2019 Results

4×100 Meter Relay

4 x 100m Relay:

  • Four athletes from each team.
  • Athletes can be selected by each team at their discretion.
  • Each team’s relay team must consist of the following:
  • Maximum of two athletes from 6.0 or 5.5 (Upper or Lower) category.


Medal Name Team Results
 Gold Conlin, Thomas Marine Corps 'A' 46.83
 Gold Holliday, Andrew
 Gold Kosar, Dustin
 Gold Landry, Michael
 Gold Guinn, Kenneth Air Force 'A' 48.80
 Gold Rivera, Ricardo
 Gold Campfield, Brett
 Gold Berry, John
 Silver Stevens, Danielle United Kingdom 'A' 59.93
 Silver Stevens, Justice
 Silver Smith, Georgina
 Silver McSween, Allan
Bronze McKay, Seth Australia 'A' 1:01.91
Bronze Webb, Robert
Bronze Broughill, Vanessa
Bronze Cochran, Daniel


Medal Name Team Results
 Gold Davila  Lucier,  Christine Air Force 'A' 1:08.48
 Gold Gonzalez, Chunte
 Gold Coble,  Kristina
 Gold Morris,  Kristen
 Silver Baker, Brigid Australia 'A' 1:09.25
 Silver Mason, Narelle
 Silver Tessier, Kerrie
 Silver Orchard, Caitlin
 Bronze Everett, Angela Navy 'A' 1:13.59
 Bronze Stevenson, Esther
 Bronze Gonzales, Lauren
 Bronze Freeman, Ruth
4th Place Morales, Shirley Army 'A' 1:19.75
4th Place Euson, Angela
4th Place Johnson, Stephanie
4th Place King, Beth



Medal Name Team Results
 Gold Daniels Army 'A' 51.52
 Gold Alewine, Ross
 Gold Cochran, David
 Gold Harwick, Austin
 Silver Novak, Carlo Australia 'A' 52.19
 Silver Morgan, Benjamin
 Silver Parker, Nathan
 Silver Roberts, Ryan
 Bronze Valerio, Carlos Navy 'A' 52.53
 Bronze Cooper, Austin
 Bronze White, Aaron
 Bronze ingram, mario
4th Place Harrington, Quinn Air Force 'A' 52.61
4th Place Greene, Kevin
4th Place Synder, David
4th Place Hopkins, Roger