2019 Results

Discus Throw – Seated 6.0

Classification 6.0

  • Below knee amputation/s.
  • Combination of 40 % or greater loss of strength and flexibility/mobility in at least one joint (ankle, knee and hip) as determined by a functionality test.
  • Complete control of trunk movements.
  • (Normal function in both upper extremities to include hands.


Medal Name Team Results
 Gold DeBarros, Tesla Marine Corps 21.31m
 Silver Buckle, Caroline United Kingdom 16.02m
 Bronze Gordon, Mya Army 14.92m
4th Place Smith, Elizabeth Navy 12.90m
5th Place Goad, Lisa Air Force 11.74m


Medal Name Team Results
 Gold Schmidt, Tyson Navy 31.67m
 Silver Garrett, Demarcus Air Force 29.99m
 Bronze Ivins, Cory Army 29.84m
4th Place Weasner, Jonathan Army 27.84m
5th Place Reingoud, Anthony Marine Corps 27.80m