2019 Results

Discus Throw – Standing 4.5

Classification 4.5

  • Below knee amputations.
  • Combination of 40% loss of strength and flexibility/mobility in a joint- ankle, knee, or hip as determined by a functional testing.
  • Requiring use of orthotic such as AFO, knee brace, etc.


Medal Name Team Results
 Gold Grauer, Beth Marine Corps 24.00m
 Silver Johnson, Stephanie Army 19.31m
 Bronze Wright, Cinnamon Army 15.78m
4th Place Hockenberry, Raina Navy 15.41m


Medal Name Team Results
 Gold Dziadowicz, Jude Navy 29.19m
 Silver Reifke, Paul Army 28.34m
 Bronze Bomke, Tim Army 24.10m
4th Place Flores, Simon United Kingdom 23.10m