2019 Results

Handcycle Open

Classification H4

  • Paraplegia (the loss of motor or sensory function in lower extremities)
  • T6-T10 spinal cord injury
  • Partial or complete loss of lower limb function
  • Normal arm and hand function
  • Mild TBI/delayed movement/ processing
  • 2 Grade Spasticity Ashworth Scale
  • May display decreased trunk function as determined by functional testing. This is evident, as the athlete must utilize upper extremities to return to the upright-seated position when in the forward plane.
  •  Single hemipelvectomy (single side high level pelvic amputation).
  • Utilizes assistive device for mobility


Medal Name Team Results
 Gold LISA GOAD Air Force 20:37.4
 Silver Tiffany RODRIGUEZ-REXROAD Army 21:53.2


Medal Name Team Results
 Gold Edward Leary Marine Corps 15:37.1