2019 Results

Recumbent Cycle Open

Classification Open

  • Open recumbent cycling classification includes orthopedic disabilities and/or balance problems that prohibit athletes from riding a two-wheel upright bike or hand cycle and allows the use of the recumbent cycle. Requires medical documentation.


Medal Name Team Results
 Gold Kerrie Tessier Australia 13:21.8
 Silver Ruth Freeman Navy 16:12.2
 Bronze Esther Stevenson Navy 16:39.2
4th Place Blanca Baquero Cruz Air Force 17:06.8
5th Place Melissa Nueva Air Force 17:10.2


Medal Name Team Results
 Gold Joshua Smith Air Force 12:47.9
 Silver John Berry Air Force 13:02.7
 Bronze Jose Panez Marine Corps 13:20.8
4th Place Kenneth Arnold Army 13:57.6
5th Place Todd Prather Navy 14:56.2