2019 Results

Shot Put – Seated 3.0

Classification 3.0

  • Complete loss of all mobility and function in both lower extremities.
  • Moderately impaired mobility and function in one upper extremity.
  • Decreased trunk movements and controlled movements in all planes.
  • May ambulate with assistance or assistive device for short distances.
  • Requires wheelchair for long distance mobility but can self-propel.
  • Amputations in three limbs.
  • Spasticity 2-1 upper Ashworth Scale, dynamic sitting balance.


Medal Name Team Results
 Gold Kuwada, Garrett Air Force 6.60m
Silver Allen, Andrew United Kingdom 6.46m
Bronze Jones, Darius Navy 5.59m
4th Place DiPaolo, Stuart Socom 4.48m
5th Place Martin, Jay Army 3.33m