Wheelchair Rugby


Taking place Wednesday, June 26, Thursday, June 27 and Friday, June 28 (Finals) at the Tampa Convention Center. Click here for the full event schedule.

Team Competition

  • A team must always have four players on the court.
  • The maximum number of any ONE classification MINIMUM, MODERATE, or MAXIMUM players on the court at any time is three players.


  • Any other combination of classifications is permitted to field the court with four players.
  • The tournament preliminaries will be pool and bracket play format.
  • Games will consist of four 8-minute quarters with running clock.
  • After the completion of pool play, the top four teams will progress through to the semi-finals. If, at the completion of pool play, two teams are equal on the number of matches won, the result of the match in which the two tied teams have played each other will be the higher ranked team.

Did you know?