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  • Archery is composed of five categories: Individual Compound Open, Individual Compound/Recurve Open Visually Impaired (VI), Individual Recurve Open, Team Compound, and Team Recurve.
  • Participants may shoot compound and recurve bows from a standing or seated position.
  • Men and women will be combined for all archery events.


  • Athletes compete in different classification categories based on functional abilities, including impaired muscle power/range of movement, limb deficiency and visual impairment.
  • Visually impaired archers will compete in a separate classification than sighted archers. All VI archers wear blindfolds and shoot with a tactile sight.

Did you know?

  • A recurve bow has a distinctive outward curve at the top. A compound bow features mechanical pulleys, telescopic sights and release aids to assist in accuracy. Depending on athlete classification, some use customized release aids using their jaw, chin or teeth.
  • Some competition arrows are made of carbon graphite with an inner tube of aluminum, while others are carbon only. These materials allow arrows to be light, stiff and durable during competition.
  • A line breaker happens when an arrow lands on the line between two scoring circles, resulting in the archer receiving the higher score.