Taking place Sunday, June 23 at the University of South Florida. Click here for the full event schedule..

Team Competition

  • Teams may enter two mixed double teams. Teams may be composed of athletes of the same gender or mixed gender.
  • The tournament consists of pool and bracket play formats. Upon completion of pool play, pool winners will advance to bracket play and determines which teams contest the bronze and gold medal matches.


  • Wheelchair tennis is an open classification sport. The open classification applies to all athletes from all physical impairment groups.

Did you know?

  • Tennis rackets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including ones that are shorter or longer, and lighter, which makes gripping the racket and hitting the ball easier. Sometimes athletic tape or a gripping device is used to secure the racket to the hand and forearm.
  • Tennis wheelchairs with cambered wheel are used for better stability and maneuvering. When learning the basics of wheelchair tennis, a daily wheelchair can be used. As a player becomes serious about the sport, many invest in a tennis wheelchair.