Team Competition

  • Golf offers both team and individual competitions. Team competition features any combination of gender whereas Individual competition features male and female divisions.
  • The combined Individual scores of the top three golfers determines team competition results. All golf scores apply to Individual competition results.


  • Golf is an open classification sport. The open classification applies to all athletes from all physical impairment groups.
  • Locations of teeing areas are adjusted based upon differences in gender, degrees of physical impairment, and average driver distance of golfer.

Did you know?

  • Adaptive equipment exists to make golf accessible to those with disabilities and help a golfer tee-up and retrieve their ball, better grip the club, and aid overall game.
  • Single-rider golf carts vary in their features; many have power-assist seats to bring the golfer to more of a standing position, as well as, other features to make the game more successful and enjoyable.