Know The Warrior: Community In Competition 

Know the Warrior_Noelle Delgado

By Army Sgt. Jason Goselin

The Department of Defense Warrior Games represent many things for many participants. For U.S. Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Noelle Delgado, the games represent a family. It’s a place she’s found community after a period of isolation following her departure from the Marine Corps. 

“To us, this is a family,” said Delgado. “Not every Marine is going to understand another Marine, but when you come to a place like this, and meet the wounded warriors, regardless of branch, we can all relate on the same level.” 

Delgado is competing in multiple events including archery, precision air sports, pistol and cycling. She received a gold medal in 2023’s Warrior Games Challenge, and is looking forward to amplifying her performance. 

Delgado has been participating in the Wounded Warrior Program since 2022, and says the precision air coaches reached out when they learned of her background in the sport. 

“My shooting coach ended up being the powerlifting coach and I got involved in that too,” said Delgado. “My best event is definitely the air rifle. I’d love to go pro for air rifle and eventually for archery.”

Delgado takes her training seriously. She lives 20 minutes away from Wounded Warrior Battalion West, just north of San Diego, California.

“I go in every day,” said Delgado. “Two days a week, I cycle and powerlift, and the rest of the days are shooting and archery.” 

Delgado has developed a passion for the community she’s gained. Her Warrior Games community is one built by shared experiences and sustained by the love of adaptive sports. 

“Whether you believe it or not, you have a purpose, and where you are right now is where you need to be.”

For more information about Lance Cpl. Delgado and the other competitors, visit the Warrior Games team page.