Wheelchair Basketball


Schedule for 2019 to come.


  • The tournament consists of six 10-player teams.
  • 24-point team limit: At no time in a game shall a team have players on the court and participating whose total assigned point value exceed the 24-point limit.


  • Players will be assigned a point (classification) from one to six, based on their function in relation to the wheelchair.
  • Players in each point group have different volumes of action, and this is what determines the final point value. All women drop one point in combined play.

Did you know?

  • World War II U.S. veterans developed wheelchair basketball in 1945. The sport was introduced on the global stage at the Rome 1960 Paralympic Games.
  • Wheelchair basketball retains most major rules and scoring of basketball, but some rules (e.g., traveling violations) have been modified with consideration for the wheelchair.
  • The wheelchair is considered to be part of the body. For example: A player is out-of-bounds when any part of his/her body or wheelchair touches the floor or any object on or outside of a boundary line.
  • To execute a dribble, players must allow for one bounce of the ball for every two pushes of their wheelchair.
  • Wheelchair basketball athletes are required to have a calf strap on their chair in order to stop players from using their feet to control their chair.
  • Wheelchairs can also have anti-tip casters, which are used to prevent the wheelchair from tipping over backward.