Team Competition

  • Teams may enter a maximum of 10 players. Teams may be composed of athletes of the same gender or mixed gender.
  • The tournament consists of pool and bracket play formats. Upon completion of pool play, pool winners will advance to bracket play and determines which teams contest the bronze and gold medal games.


  • Athletes are classified into one of three classification categories based on functional physical limitations: Minimum category = minimal functional limitations; Moderate category = moderate functional limitations; and Maximum category = maximum functional limitations.
  • A team must always have four players on the court. The maximum number of any one classification Minimum, Moderate, or Maximum players on the court at any one time is three players. Any other combination of classifications is permitted to field the court with four players.

Did you know?

  • The sport's original name was Murderball. It is a contact sport and physical contact between wheelchairs is an integral part of the game.
  • Sports wheelchairs are specifically designed for wheelchair rugby. Key design features include a front bumper, designed to help strike and hold opposing wheelchairs, and wings, which are positioned in front of the main wheels to make the wheelchair more difficult to stop and hold.