• Swim events include the 50-yard freestyle, 100-yard freestyle, 50-yard backstroke, and 50-yard breaststroke in both men's and women's categories. Relay races offered are mixed classifications men only, women only, and mixed gender.


  • Athletes compete in different classification categories based on functional abilities, including impaired muscle power/range of movement, limb deficiency and visual impairment.
  • Athletes are allowed to dive, sit on the platform or be in the water at the beginning of the race. The way an athlete starts is determined by the athlete's classification.

Did you know?

  • Athletes are "seeded" (fastest times) based on previous performance, with the higher seeds being closer to the center lanes of the pool.
  • Visually impaired athletes use assistance from a "tapper." The tapper uses a long pole with a padded end to tap the swimmer on the head when they are close to the wall, indicating when the swimmer should turn or end the race.