Indoor Rowing


Schedule for 2019 to come.


  • Each team is allowed up to 12 start rights in the indoor rowing competition.
  • Indoor rowing events include one-minute individual sprint race and four-minute individual endurance race. Athletes may compete in one or both events.


  • Athletes compete across six classification categories based on functional abilities, including impaired muscle power/range of movement, limb deficiency and visual impairment.
  • Based on athlete functional classification, athletes compete by use of upper-body-only categories, use of upper-body-and-truck-only categories, or use of upper-body, trunk, and lower-body categories.

Did you know?

  • Indoor rowing is a new event with official world championship status. The United States will be the first host nation and plans to change venue each year.
  • 2018 is the first year Warrior Games athletes will compete in the indoor rowing event.