Know the Warrior: The Quest for Ultimate Warrior 

Warrior Games SOCOM Athlete Tiny Mammen

By Army Sgt. Jason Goselin

The Department of Defense Warrior Games are well underway and some of the athletes have a target in their sights–the title of Ultimate Champion. This title is achieved by the competitor who earns the most points from the eight main events. 

Team Special Operations Command (SOCOM) member retired Senior Chief Petty Officer, Tiny Mammen, is hoping to be that champion. 

“I’m doing every event, going for the ultimate champion,” Mammen said. “We started with powerlifting and cycling yesterday, and [we have] precision air rifles today.” 

While he’s passionate about all the adaptive sports available, Mammen is striving to highlight his abilities in the field events. 

“I’m a shot put and discus guy,” said Mammen. “Those are definitely the events I’m looking forward to the most.”

Mammen is grateful for the opportunity to compete in the games, while recovering from knee surgeries and post-op complications. He believes the Warrior Games’ sense of community is what sets it apart from other adaptive sports programs. 

“This puts you in a group of people that know what you’re going through,” said Mammen. “It makes recovery amazing for everyone.”

Mammen would like more veterans and wounded warriors to know the value of adaptive sports programs like Warrior Games. 

“This program has given me so much that I want to tell other vets it’s okay to say ‘yes, I need help,’” said Mammen. “I think this program has saved more lives than they realize.” 

Mammen is not on his recovery or Warrior Games journey alone. He’s competing alongside his girlfriend and his family is here cheering him on. 

“My girlfriend, Liz, and I are here competing against one another,” said Mammen. “She’s good at everything. I’m tired of losing to her.” 

While he is excited to pursue the title of Ultimate Champion, Mammen is most passionate about advocating for his fellow competitors and their individual roads to recovery.

“It’s adaptive sports for a reason, so if something isn’t working, they’ll teach you how to do it within your capabilities,” said Mammen. “We’re all going in the same direction, we’re just on different paths.”

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